Ecoer is excited to announce the launch of its new high efficiency central air conditioning and heat pump system. The inverter driven outdoor unit coupled with Ecoer’s exclusive (ESSS) package, insures the highest and most reliable residential HVAC system in the market today.  The Ecoer system features high cooling output and best in class low temperature heating capacity with an operating limit down to -22F.

Ecoer’s inverter driven system responds precisely to the heating or cooling load insuring the highest and most optimal energy profile. The inverter driven compressor also insures the lowest inrush power demand with starting current as low as five (5) amps. With nearly an infinite capacity control, Ecoer is able to satisfy applications from one and one-half ton (1 ½) through five tons (5) with only two outdoor units.

Ecoer’s ESSS package is an industry first 4G connected system.  With IoT integration, the Ecoer system is always connected and monitored through the cloud. The smart service system connects the outdoor unit to a network through its 4G capability allowing for self-diagnosis and automatic fault prediction and alert technology all of which is made available through your own existing wireless device. This assures equipment reliability with predictive maintenance. The Ecoer ESSS will alert of potential issues before they happen. The ESSS will analyze streaming data from sensors and devices to predict equipment failures before they happen and systematically prevent them before costly repairs are needed.

Ecoer’s outdoor unit may be coupled with its own indoor air handler or mated to nearly any indoor air handler or furnace. With the addition of a heat pump expansion valve, a cooling only system can now be used to provide high quality high output heat. Ecoer’s performance is among the highest in the industry with SEER ratings of eighteen (17.5) to twenty (20) and HSPF rating between nine and one-half (9.5) and ten (10). The condensing unit comes with a 10-year parts warranty and is transferable.  Monitoring through our IoT integration is available for the full 10 years.

Ecoer is dedicated to offer high efficiency and affordable air conditioning to every home. Through technical innovations, Ecoer is proud to contribute to a greener society, reducing carbon foot print and helping every home save energy. Please visit us at

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Ecoer is excited to announce the launch of its new high efficiency central air conditioning and heat pump system. The Read More


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