DOAS Chilled Beams

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Established in 1985, Greentec, Inc. is a manufacturer representative firm focused on the design, sales and marketing of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Greentec, Inc. offers complete sales, marketing and design solutions for commercial and industrial applications, specializing in process heating and cooling as well as dehumidification. Greentec, Inc. has seen steady growth over the past several years capitalizing on 75 years of industry knowledge. Our past experience coupled with continuing education and hands-on skills offers our customers unparalleled benefits in designing and completing projects on time and within budget. We actively participate in industry events and conferences such as HARDI, ASHRAE, ACCA, RSES, IIAR, ATMO, GCCA and more to stay current on industry trends and topics that are most important to our customers. Please allow us to design a solution for your next refrigeration or indoor climate project.

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